10 essential rules for healthy hair

Healthy hair is not just a regular salon visit or a hair mask applied to every wash. We offer you 10 rules that will help you keep it long, shiny and durable.

10 essential rules for healthy hair
Healthy hair is a long-term endeavor, or rather a few gestures that should be part of a care routine. We have prepared 10 easy-to-apply tips to help you keep your hair healthy, long, shiny and very strong.

Listen to his needs
Not everyone has the same hair and when we say that we do not just mean the shape of the hair, curly, wavy or straight. We also refer to the thickness of the hair, its length, color, genetic inheritance, volume and much more. All these features make a unique combination: your hair.

Therefore, it is not enough to be guided by the recommendations of acquaintances or advertising campaigns. Track your hair’s reactions to any changes or new products you use. Only you will be able to notice how often you have to wash it, if certain products do not suit them, how fast it grows and what its needs are.

Cut it once every 2 months
Even if you want to let your hair grow, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy not to cut it at all for a year. Visit a stylist once every 2 months, tell him you want to let your hair grow, and he will cut as much as needed. Moreover, you will notice that freshly cut hair grows faster.

Moisturize it from the inside
Drink plenty of water and eat healthy fats. Hydration from the inside is always observed on the skin, nails and hair. If your hair is not shiny, brittle or very spiky, one of the reasons may be the lack of hydration inside.

Masks are mandatory
In addition to hydration from the inside, it is important that achieved by the direct application of specific products. Regardless of the shampoo you use, which can also be for oily or dandruff hair, your conditioner and mask must be very moisturizing. They are applied on the tips and length of the hair at each wash. Let them act for at least 2-3 minutes, otherwise their application will have no effect.

Be careful how you handle it
When using a comb or brush for handling and combing, be careful not to pull too hard. Start coping with the tips, and gradually climb until you go through all the hair. Forcing hair can break the strands or weaken the root. Try to handle your hair at least twice a day, morning and evening, and use a special brush for your hair.

Stylize it carefully
Like when you do it, styling doesn’t have to be a torment for your hair. When brushing it, do not pull too hard, use the curler or hair straightener as rarely as you can and be careful with curlers that can tangle the hair and force you to pull the hairs when you untangle them.

Remember: every time you brush a hair, it will fall out in the next few days, if not temporarily. Now think about this effect on hundreds of hairs.

Don’t make too many changes
Women like look changes and many of us do them at least once a year. We refer in particular to the change of color, which is often influenced by the fashion of the season. If you have white hair and dyeing is a necessity, try to dye only the roots, so as not to torture the entire length of the hair every time.

Drastic color changes should not be done more than 2 years, during which time medium length hair can be completely restored.

Dry it naturally

We know that in the morning after the shower you hurry to leave and that the hair dryer solves the problem in just 5 minutes. But its excessive heat, used several times a week, can dry your hair excessively. After you get out of the shower, change 2-3 towels to absorb water from your hair or you can use a cotton t-shirt, which absorbs water but also lets air through. Thus, if you do not have time to let the hair dry naturally, you will use the dryer much less, just to complete the drying started by the towels.

Use natural ingredients
Nature has dozens of ingredients that can work wonders for your hair. Write down in a notebook some ideas for hair masks, which you can prepare 2-3 times a month, as a treat on a free afternoon. You can use oils, juices or pasta of fruits or vegetables and even herbal infusions. But beware of possible local allergic reactions.

Don’t hold it too tight
Hair that is too tight can damage your hair and even cause a headache. Weave it lightly, catch it in creative buns or in a low ponytail, which does not require rigid elastics or too many hairpins.

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